Early Years

Early Years Support Packages

Our uniquely designed packages allow you access to a ‘critical friend’, where you create the specific package that will support you, whole school improvement and raise the quality of teaching and learning within your school.

Review Package

This package is perfect for identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Our team will provide you with external verification that your improvement initiatives are effective and will identify how you can improve even further.

This package includes:

    Diagnostic assess ment through a face to face meeting.

    Observation of early years practice.

    Feedback identifying strengths and areas for development.

    An Early Years Quality Improvement Audit tool empowering you to identify specific areas where further support can be offered.

Improvement Packages

Our improvement packages are designed to support you to develop specific areas of your early years practice.

If you are unsure which package will be most beneficial for you, our Early Years Quality Improvement Audit tool (available in our review package) is directly linked to our improvement packages and will help you to identify the most appropriate route to take.

Each improvement package consists of:

    Half a day consultation tailored to your specific needs.

    One day (6 hours) of bespoke training for up to 30 people.

    Half a day review session to measure impact.

    Impact Report.

Our packages are tailored to meet the individual needs of your school. The services in this brochure are examples of what could be included in your package, providing you with complete flexibility.

For further details or to book a package please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.