Governor Training

Performance Related Pay (PRP)

The training workshops will help governors to think about how they will make pay decisions in Autumn 2015 – to plan to raise performance through pay, whilst minimising appeals and ensuring decisions about policy and reviews can be defended.

Learning outcomes include; understanding the governing body's responsibilities on Performance Related Pay for teaching staff, an understanding of the opportunities and the challenges posed by the changes, an opportunity to share policies and good practices, and being prepared for PRP and appeals.


The purpose of this training is to develop the capacity of governors to use RAISEonline effectively in order to challenge and support their school’s leadership team in their efforts to bring about school improvement.

Learning outcome include; understand the contribution of RAISEonline to school self-evaluation and school improvement,know the range and type of data available from RAISEonline ,understand some of the key terms and concepts used in RAISEonline,have developed their skills in the interpretation of data available in RAISEonline, be aware of how RAISEonline may be used by governors to challenge and support their school’s leadership team, understand the proper use of RAISEonline by governors and the protocols that they should follow when accessing it.

Financial Efficiencies

The aim of the training workshops is to increase the effectiveness of governing bodies by providing an opportunity for governors to develop their knowledge of financial management and efficiency in a school setting and their role in driving efficiency.

The session will provide information on the tools, techniques, knowledge and skills needed to challenge effectively on financial matters.

Learning outcomes include; understanding financial efficiency and good financial management, understand the value of benchmarking, and interpretation of financial data.

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